7 Plumbing Features to Check Before Buying a New Home

Plumbing is one of the most important parts of your home. Before making the purchase, a homebuyer should make sure there’s no defects with the plumbing system.

Here are 7 plumbing features you’ll want to check before a purchase,


This is a basic element of all plumbing which you’ll use daily. Check if there is any discoloration at the base or sides of the toilet, if yes then it might be due to water leakage. If you’ve noticed the leaks at base, seal it as much faster as you can otherwise the subfloor will begin to rot with time. The toilet bowl must be rigid and should not slide when you push it.


  • Flush all toilets to check the drainage
  • Check for leaks below the sink and around the faucets
  • Turn on and off every tap in the house
  • Call a professional plumber to check it out and make any repairs.

The Main Sewer

The main sewer line is the connection between your home’s pipes and plumbing system. If the sewer line gets clogged or damaged, you may have to spend much for repairs. 

During a home plumbing inspection, the professional will use a camera to see into the main sewer line and check for issues. This will help to ensure problems in the sewer line before you purchase it. If the main pipes are severely clogged, the pipes can collapse, so it may lead to a major and costly repair or replacement.

Clay pipes, PVC pipes can easily get damaged by external agents like tree roots, corrosion. So replace the pipes with more durability and strength.

Water Heater

The lifespan of a water heater is 10 years. After that, it may lose its efficiency. Make sure to closely inspect the water heater and check for,

  • Rust or corrosion on any part of the tank
  • Any leaks at the outlet or inlet valves
  • Sandy or muddy fluids flowing out of the hot water tap
  • The age of the appliance (most models last for 15 years)
  • Strange sounds in the tank


Check if there is any sign of any rust when the faucets are turned on. If you’re out of home for a long time, it is quite natural to drain out the rust in the beginning. While you open the shower tap, make sure that there is a solid stream of water. Though you can adjust the pressure of the shower, if the water is running slow, then fix the water pressure of your house.

Unusual Noise

While you’re inspecting the house, keep your ears sharp and hear any strange gurgling noises – especially when you test out the taps. If you hear a water hammer sound, it may be due to the pressure of water suddenly stopping or changing direction, which could lead to pipe collapse.  Gurgling sounds may also be due to the leak or blockage that’s creating air pockets.

Drain lines

Drainage pipes don’t corrode generally, but it’s good to consult a plumber and ask him to check if there is any issue with the drain lines and fix it if any.

Water Meter and Valves

One of the common ways to detect the issue is by turning off the main shut-off valve so water doesn’t flow from the taps and then turning off each valve of their corresponding faucets one by one.

Before you finally buy the house, check out all the aforementioned plumbing features so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Consult with a local plumber to inspect, fix or replace any issue with the plumbing features.